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BC Safe driving course is a defensive driving program

The BC Safe Driving Course is an online defensive driving course designed to teach the fundamental rules of the road and enhance safe driving practices for British Columbia drivers. The course is presented in modules broken down by topics with exam questions relevant to each section following the modules. The exam contains multiple choice and True / False questions, all of which are derived from the course material.

Students are expected to follow the teaching material as presented in the modules, learn the important lessons from each module and then answer questions flowing directly from the course material. There are no “trick” questions, although correct answers require a good understanding of the course material and the rules of the road in BC.

The British Columbia Safe Driving Course is intended to assist individuals to become better and more informed drivers, to have a more complete knowledge of the rules of the road, as well as driving laws and regulations. One course emphasis is the obligations drivers have to one another to ensure drivers understand why road safety in BC is important for everyone.

The course was designed in consultation with professionals, driving instructors and educators to ensure that learners gain the important knowledge about safe driving and road safety in BC.

Courses on Safe Driving and Road Safety in BC

With our focused approach to road safety in BC, the British Columbia Safe Driving Course offers dedicated courses on aspects of road safety including:

The BC Safe Driving Course: the first online Defensive Driving Course designed specifically for BC Drivers. This course is a comprehensive defensive driving program designed to teach responsible driving practices and to help drivers of all experience levels become better drivers. This course covers the rules of the road and the obligations of drivers

Winter Driving Fundamentals: a course that explores the primary risks associated with winter driving and offers simple solutions to reduce winter driving risks

Transportation of Dangerous Goods: a course that teaches crucial information pertaining to the legal transportation of dangerous goods on Canadian roads

Traffic Control Persons for Construction: a course that explains the techniques, equipment and legal requirements for traffic control people in a construction environment

Safe Backing Procedures and Blind Spots: a course that provides important information about safe backing up procedures to individuals operating motor vehicles for both company and personal use

It’s All About Attitude! School Buses DVD: a 60-minute DVD explores driver attitude with a group of professional bus drivers

Commercial Driver’s Hours of Service: a course that covers Canada’s Federal Hours of Service regulations

Four-Wheel Drive Fundamentals: a course provides basic information required for safe operation of commercial four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles

Fatigue Management for Supervisors: a course specifically designed to assist organizational leaders to understand fatigue, learn how it effects their employees, and evaluate their own organization for fatigue dangers

Drowsy Driving: Taking Responsibility: a course that reviews the dangers of drowsy driving and provides strategies that work to prevent it

Defensive Driving Fundamentals: a defensive driving course designed to teach drivers the fundamentals of defensive driving such as managing risks and anticipating hazards to enhance driving skills and road safety in BC

Defensive Driving Attitudes: a course that explains how the Five Fundamentals of Defensive Driving can reduce risk and prevent vehicle incidents

Defensive Driving: a course that explores the six components of the SAFER System of defensive driving: Space, Attitude, Foresight, Eyesight and Responsibility

Cargo Securement Flatbeds: a course that teaches valuable ways to prevent load loss, trip delays, increased insurance rates, injury, and damage to cargo, vehicles and property

Effects of Stress on Driving: a course that explains how everyday stress can result in distracted driving, poor decision making, and physical impairments, such as loss of peripheral vision or muscle coordination

Backing Safety Fundamentals: a course that explores the main risks associated with backing up a vehicle and offers simple solutions to reduce those risks

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