BC Safe Driving Course Details

BC Safe Driving

The British Columbia Safe Driving Course is broken down into a series of modules, each designed to focus on high-risk areas of driving. The course discusses defensive driving principles that will help you to avoid accidents, increase safety, and become more aware of what is happening on the roads around you.

This BC Safe Driving Course is designed for people of all driving skill levels, from the experienced to the novice or learner driver. The principles discussed in the course are applicable to all drivers in British Columbia. The British Columbia Safe Driving Course can serve as a refresher or can teach new drivers how to be safe on BC roads and highways. This is because the program is based around fundamental defensive driving principles and important key safety issues.

The British Columbia Safe Driving Course is offered online. It is the first online Defensive Driving Course in BC. This makes it convenient and easy for you or your employees to complete the course. Classroom training and on-the-road training may be difficult to work into a busy schedule, but this online course can be completed at your own pace, at any hour of the day or night.

This course is a certificate course which includes an exam of at least 50 questions. Questions are random and cover the entire material in the course. The test questions are comprised mainly of multiple choice questions, with some true/false questions as well. There are no essay or short answer questions.

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