BC Safe Driving Course Objectives

BC Safe Driving Course

The BC Safe Driving Course covers a variety of important driving related topics such as provincial laws & regulations, safe driving practices, maneuvering your vehicle, collision and hazard avoidance, and driving in adverse conditions. The course objectives include teaching the rules of the road, driving skills and road safety.

Individuals who take this course will learn the following:

  • The role their vehicle components play in safe driving
  • The role of attitude in safe driving
  • How to shift an unsafe attitude into a positive attitude
  • Hazard recognition and identification
  • Responding to specific hazards in a way that avoids risk
  • The activities performed by safe and attentive drivers
  • Tips on effective observation of the road around you
  • An explanation of signaling and when certain signals are appropriate
  • Basic British Columbia traffic laws
  • The legal consequences of traffic violations
  • How to safely travel when near other vehicles
  • An explanation of the various traffic lights and what they mean
  • The dangers of distracted driving
  • How to drive without distraction
  • Driving in different conditions, including:
    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Fog
    • Ice
  • Safe and effective steering techniques
  • Safe and effective parking techniques
  • How to deal with emergency driving situations, such as:
    • Skidding
    • Brake and accelerator malfunctions
    • Tire problems
    • Burned-out headlights
    • Vehicle fires
    • Dropping off the pavement
  • What to do when a collision in inevitable

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