Distracted Driving

Did you know distracted driving is a major cause of accidents in Canada? Learn strategies to avoid distracted driving so you can give the road your full attention.

You might think of someone talking or texting on their phone when you think of distracted driving. In fact, there are lots of activities that are classified as distracted driving.

The course provides information on how to prevent your attention from being diverted from the task of driving so you can be a safer driver. It will also instruct participants about what constitutes distracted driving, why it is dangerous, and what the law states.

This course covers legislation for the province of British Columbia.

  • What this course covers:
    • What constitutes distracted driving
    • What the law says about distracted driving
    • What the penalties for distracted driving are
    • Strategies to avoid distracted driving

A printable certificate is available after successful completion of this course.

BC Safe Driving Course: Distracted Driving is an online course that will explore the main risks associated with distracted driving and offer straightforward solutions on how to reduce driving risk, making your journey safer for you and those around you.

This course is self-paced and can be completed at any time. Only $34.95 plus tax.

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